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since this month has all but flown by, i have a few observations:

– as much as i love a dark, cold night perfect for snuggling up under blankets, i cannot get used to the fact that i literally race the sun on my way home from work, and the sun always wins.  returning home in total darkness is not my idea of a good time.

– i’m way behind in house chores.  my “fall decorating” consists of some fallish garland on our mantel, and a large vase full of mini gourds on the dining room table.  elaborate, no?  i’ve also been eeking along in getting the yard and garden put to bed for winter:  one yardwork day entailed us changing the entire day’s plans; the second entailed taking 3 hours off of work.  there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

– Christmas. Music. Is. Already. Playing.  what???  i’m absolutely in love with Christmas, but if I take a two footed jump into sugar plums and mistletoe TWO WEEKS before Thanksgiving, I’m going to be all sorts of messed up.  “Q99 all Christmas music all the time”:  please let me enjoy Thanksgiving before moving on to Christmas!

Next week, Ross and I will be taking a much needed break and spending Thanksgiving with his side of the family in Florida.  During that week (with the hope we’ll have internet) I’m going to catch up on the many things I haven’t posted on yet.  And to keep me on track, here’s a sample list of fun posts to come:

– our anniversary trip to Charleston

– finally taking pictures of our semi-fallish front porch

– cleaning up around the yard + why mowing your driveway is a bad idea

– a fun dinner by jen and ross

– upcoming house projects

– a Christmas decor gameplan

– the first Garden 2K10 post!

– gratuitous puppy pictures