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two weekends ago ross and i had a blissful day of getting stuff checked off our to-do list.

it was saturday.  it was sunny.  and we were motivated.

we divided up the yard like a custody hearing:  i would take the back yard and ross would take the front.  i tackled flower beds way past their prime, and ross was mowing the front yard.  of course i have no pictures to show for this, but it’s only because we were so hard at work.  until ross comes running up to me, looking slightly frantic.  “Come look.  It’s bad.”


“Just come.”

I follow him around to the front yard and couldn’t tell at first what I was supposed to be looking for.  And then I see it.  A big, massive hole in the back windshield of his car.  And about a trillion spidery cracks everywhere else.


“How on earth did you do that?!”

It turns out that instead of just mowing the yard, Ross had had the bright idea to also mow the driveway.  That way he could collect the chopped leaves in the mower bag and dump them into trash bags for easy cleanup.

he was almost done when a rock shot out the back of the mower, and well, instantly charged our credit cards $260.  ugh.

the moral of the story is, if you think about mowing your driveway, carefully weigh the pros and cons first.