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the day before ross and i left for florida, we set up shop and got a bunch of stuff done around the house.  with all the windshield breaking over with, we got down to the business of tree mulching, garlic planting, and leaf raking.

The garlic got in a month late, but still earlier than I planted it last year, so that’s a victory in my opinion.  I’m growing a Chesnok Red and an Ichelium Red garlic this year and I’m hoping to have enough for green garlic in the spring, mature garlic in the summer, and enough left over to store for the winter and plant again next fall.

Later that morning, J.L. came over to help.  While Ross got started on the leaves, he and I mulched our newly planted evergreens.

Finally, we joined forces on the leaves and it was mission accomplished.  half the leaves were raked onto a tarp and dumped on our front yard by the street for trash pickup (how suburbanly convenient?)

The rest ross mowed and bagged and we dumped them in with our compost.

The dogs were no help whatsoever.  But they looked adorable.

The final product.  before:and after:

and all in time for the virginia tech – nc state game that afternoon.  not too shabby.