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Time to decorate for Christmas!!

On decorating day, we woke up to several inches of snow, and it continued to snow all day, so it was the perfect atmosphere to turn up the Christmas tunes and really get excited about transforming the house. 

This is what my christmas decorating starts out like:  every Christmas-related decoration gets pulled out and spread around in utter chaos, so I can get an idea of exactly what I have.

Then I’ll sort things out by room.  Since I only have two rooms to really decorate (the dining room and the living room), this isn’t a very difficult task. 

Dining Room:

Last year I went with a super monochromatic look, so obviously this year, I wanted to bring in a lot more color.  I also wanted to keep it kind of rustic and unfussy.

a simple round glass vase, filled with silver christmas ornaments and a few sprigs of red berries that I’ve saved from past christmases.  barely seen behind that are two crystal candlesticks with two white taper candles…

I combined some bright orange tangerines (from our thanksgiving trip down to florida), faux apples used in our wedding decorations, and a few cinnamony scented pine cones in a wooden fruit dish that my great-grandfather made…

Another clear round vase with wooden cranberries as filler, topped with a simple white pillar candle.

By the window in our dining room I put out some red and green votives in the windowsill, brought down a skinny table from our guest bedroom and layered in some fun ornaments, textured balls, and a few bright, beaded cranberry napkin rings in a tall glass canister.

Some extra mini ornaments in hammered silver bowls on either side of the glass canister.

I leaned a matted print of the many names of Jesus in the other windowsill.  This was a gift from my mom last Christmas.

Since this green rocking chair, which usually lives next to our fireplace, got displaced because of the Christmas tree, I moved it into the dining room and jazzed it up with a painted metal star, a houseplant for some greenery, and a Christmasy wine bottle chiller turned pot.

The top of the buffet – some simple holiday festiveness and our nativity scene.  My mom started this collection for me when I was in high school.

So sweet, yet so unhelpful…

Living Room:

The finished living room complete with rearranged furniture to fit the tree in, decorated mantel, and other various christmasy touches.

This year’s tree is much wider than last year, which we didn’t realize until we were trying to cram it in.  But it fits.

I went with live greenery on the mantel this year – given to us FREE from clippings at the place we bought our Christmas tree.  I’ll definitely remember this next year.  Then we just decorated the already hung grapevine wreath with red christmas ball ornaments, cream porcelain ornaments, and a few glittery snowflakes.

My super cool yarnball wreath.  Because my mom is such a devoted Starbucks attendee, an employee gave her this wreath when they were taking down their Christmas decorations last year.

A few detail shots of the mantel decorations…

Ross’s grandfather used to be a glass blower, and these were some of his handmade glass ornaments.  These are super special to ross because his grandfather passed away over 15 years ago.  This was the first time we’ve used the ornaments on the tree and I was so nervous everytime one got put on – I would hate to break any.

that’s about it for the wilsie cottage christmas decorations tour – hope you enjoyed it – and merry christmas!