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happy 2010!  i had begun a new year’s eve post that just never quite got finished.  oh well.  hopefully everyone was too busy with family and friends to be bothered checking in here anyway.  ross and i spent family christmas #2 with his parents and sister/husband/little niece up in fincastle this past weekend.  always good to spend quality time with them; and with how absolutely frigid it was on saturday, it was the perfect time to stay in, sit by the fire, and chat and read.

there’s definitely an indescribable feeling at the beginning of a new year; kind of like the slate gets wiped clean.  we’ve got a lot of fun things we’d like to do here at the Wilsie Cottage and perhaps I’ll do a post on the “wish list/to-do list” soon – just to keep myself accountable.

before i jump headfirst into a new year though, i wanted to revisit christmases of years past.  probably would’ve been helpful to do this near christmas, but what can i say; i was busy having seconds of christmas ham. 

so without further ado, the wilsie family christmas cards:

2006:  Our First Christmas.  Fun pictures from a lot of our firsts together:  our first house, our honeymoon to Montana and California, and our first Christmas tree.   

2007:  First Christmas with Four-legged Child.  We decided to take a more playful approach and created a “Brady-Bunch-esque” card including Rosie Jane, the newest addition to the family. 

2008:  Artsy Fartsy.  For our third Christmas together we decided to take the artsy approach.  Ross whipped out his Photoshop skills and crafted a festive silhouette card with our monogram in the middle, a simple Merry Christmas greeting, and a verse at the bottom.

2009:  A Very Beachy Christmas.  Even though it seemed kind of “boring,” we really loved the simplicity of this year’s card.  Taken while on Thanksgiving vacation in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida we really loved this card because, 1)  Ross and I never have (good) pictures together since one of us is always behind the camera.  so we had to celebrate that somehow, 2)  since we don’t live anywhere near the beach, we thought the ocean in the background gave a little unexpected spice to the holiday, and 3) we had never done it before, so why not?

Thank you for your time.  We may now return to the present and all the rockin good times to be had in 2010.  Happy New Year!