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ok folks.  so i’m not sure how many people actually click through my links over on the right side of the page.  if you never have, you really should.  because really, those are the interesting sites, not mine.

one particular site that i’d like you to keep an eye on is my very talented husband’s.  Wilsie Photography hasn’t changed much since Ross started it to keep all his wedding pictures sorted and available to clients for viewing and purchasing.  But it’s about to change.  In fact, it’s already started to.

This past fall, Ross and I worked with a fabulous graphic designer from Asheville, NC who patiently worked with us to craft a real live logo for ross’s near-legit photography business.  You’ll get a preview of it on the site right now.  But that’s not all.

Soon the whole website will start to change as we work with a childhood friend of mine turned web designer to give Wilsie Photography a whole new (and quite fashionable) wardrobe.  I can’t wait!

update:  wilsie photography used to be listed on the side as “ross’s amazing pictures” – i know, confusing.  so now, you can find it, second from the bottom, as wilsie photography.  so NOT confusing, right?  great!