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without planning it, january is always our unofficial hibernation month.  we don’t go out of town.  we don’t make elaborate plans.  we just exist.

but not in a zoned-out, dead sort of way.  we just use the time to recoup from all the holiday madness, take deep breaths, begrudingly take down the christmas decorations and return the house to a more simplistic state, catch up on life, and perhaps excessively organize and purge.  in a small house, you have to.  or you start to realize you’re living in four walls of piled clutter.

so if i’m not too vocal around here for a little while, that’s why.  i’m hibernating for a bit.

but have no fear, there’s a project that we’ve been trying to finish for about six months that will finally be done next week!  and a finished project is always reason to briefly come out of hibernation.

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