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I’m back!  At least I will be very soon.

Even though my life is going in 20 bajillion directions right now, I’ve missed blogging.  weird.

But I’ve got a great Welcome Back post, because Ross and I finally have a house project that’s been tackled and mastered and completed.  And we have pictures to prove it.


so it’s been way too long since we’ve tackled a project around the house.  and what better way to dip our toes back into home improvement than with the absolute smallest room in our entire house.  our little half bath, while incredibly appreciated (most houses as old as ours would only have one bath total), is almost scary small.  not to be too graphic, but if you’re sittin down and doin your thing, your knees are apt to be brushing against the bathroom door.  fun, yes?

i was somehow incapable of taking a before of the bathroom before we started ripping stuff apart, so the following pictures are pre-makeover, but post-wallpaper ripoff.  be sure to note the tension rod curtains made of some random leftover material.  they’re classy.

here was our to-do list:

– repaint walls and trim

– retile old beat-up tile floor with a clean white hexagonal marble tile

but just in case you were missing out on the wallpaper experience, the two (yes, two) types on the bathroom walls were the same as the wallpaper in the medicine cabinet.

finally after a lot of planning, a lot of talk, but not much progress, we decided to jump in.  first on the list was to remove the toilet and the sink.

here’s ross removing the trim around the floor

oh yeah.  and here’s jim.  he was pretty much our lifesaver on this project.  mainly because he was the one with the know-how.  and that’s helpful.  because did i mention that we had never actually tiled a floor before?

here’s our beautiful tile.  we found this on amazon.com and got a really great deal.  marble is usually really expensive, but since this was on sale and our bathroom is only 14 square feet, it didn’t break the bank at all.

after giving the floor a good hard scrub, jim mixed up some thinset to adhere the tiles to the floor.

after a lot of research we decided not to rip up the existing tile, but to put the new tile right on top.  we pried up a few tiles in an inconspicuous spot and realized that the original tile was probably set into a bed of cement, which was common during the time our house was built.  so pulling the tile up could’ve turned this pretty simple job into a nasty mess.  tile on tile it was.

the thinset goes on with a trowel…

and then the tiles are laid down and pushed gently into place

because of the shape of the tiles, certain holes need to get filled in around the edges of the room and around the holes that got cut for the sink and toilet.

so after all the tile gets laid it has to set for at least 24 hours.  then it was grout time.  just spread the grout on top like mayo, brush of the excess, let it dry for about half an hour and then buff it off with a cloth.

i love what a wide angle lens does to my head

by the time we laid the tile, i had already repainted the bathroom, but the bright whiteness of the tile made the trim color look less white and more cream.  so i got the brightest white i could find and we repainted.  much better.

standing in the finished space – we did it!  now we just had to move everything back in.

and here she is…

and here it is a little later with some more “finishing touches”

and finally, say bye bye to the last of the wallpaper.  another project bites the dust.