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If truth be told, even the insane amounts of gardening posts that I end up writing in a given year don’t fully do justice to the extent of my gardening obsession.  For example, while I logged in a lot of blog hours during my week of Thanksgiving break, I spared you the fact that my sister-in-law and I spent a rainy afternoon poring over seed catalogs and choosing next year’s crop.  I also didn’t mention that back in October, one of my anniversary presents from ross was a tall metal shelf and three flourescent lights – people, this is my kind of romantic – all for my seed shelf/grow lights setup that he knew i wanted.  and finally, i didn’t tell you that we have since set up the shelves, ordered the final selection of seeds (and they’ve come in!), and constructued heating boxes (more on that in a separate post) all in time to plant my first round of seeds this past weekend (2/20).

I’m rounding up some pictures of the whole experience, so those will be coming soon, along with my seed list for this year (+ the addition of some flowers), some handy things we’ve learned along the way, and pictures of my very first sprouts that have already shown up.  yeehaw, let the gardening begin.