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guys, the weather’s in the 60’s, it’s sunny but still cool and i’m just itching to get out in the dirt.  we’ve done it a little – bought a load of compost from an acquaintance of ross’s who has their own composting business.  dark, rich, soil in our boxes makes them look ready to plant – right now.  we’ve been faithfully adding to the compost pile (i’ve actually started my office composting – mainly coffee grounds, banana peels and the like, but every little bit helps!).  just yesterday we covered the pile in a tarp and secured it with bricks – should heat up nicely now.  all the first round seedlings are doing OK – i just thinned out my broccoli yesterday; this is the first year for broccoli and i’m very excited.  i also planted a flat of lettuce – people, grow lettuce!  it’s by far the easiest, most near-instant gratification plant to grow – so do it.

i keep looking at the planting dates on the back of my seed packets – is it time, is it time?  not yet, but it’s getting closer. and this year:  flowers.  i’m going to make up for lost time on flower planting.  in the meantime i have to catch up on

a) how we made our seed shelves this year

b) how all the seedlings are doing so far

c) what we’re growing the year

so behind!!!  what else is new

lettuce and herb harvest from last summer’s garden.