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so i always like to put my garden plan in writing.  helps me keep track of things and learn from year to year.  it also tends to overwhelm me with just how much i’m attempting to grow.  below are all the seeds i’m hoping to get in the ground this year.  everything in green is a new seed for 2K10.

garden::aug ’09

key:  BC- baker creek; PT – pinetree seeds; SSE – seed saver’s exchange; B – burpee; G – gurney’s


Mary Washington – BC

root vegetables:

Muscade carrot – BC

Tendersweet carrot – PT

Fingerling potatoes – PT

Yukon Gold potatoes – PT


Romanesco Italia broccoli – BC

Belstar broccoli – PT


Carentan leek  – BC

Giant Flag leek – B

Flat of Italy onion – BC



Little Gem – BC

Rocky Top Mix – BC

Black Seeded Simpson – BC

Buttercrunch – PT

Tom Thumb – BC


Bright Lights swiss chard – BC

Space spinach – PT

Bloomsdale Longstanding – BC


Roma – G

Moneymaker – BC

German Red Strawberry – BC

Amish Paste – SSE

Green Sausage – BC

Green Zebra – BC

Carbon – BC

Sungold – PT

Wes – BC

Black Cherry – BC

Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa – BC

Roman Candle – BC

other nightshades:

Thai Yellow Egg eggplant – BC


Patio Red Marconi – BC

Early Jalapeno – annie kay’s

Kaleidoscope Mix – PT

Orange Bell – BC

Red Belgian – BC

Golden Treasure – BC


Chives – B

Sage – SSE

Stevia – SSE

French Thyme – PT

Oregano – PT

Cilantro – SSE and PT

English Lavender – SSE

Dill – BC

Genovese Basil – BC

Purple Dark Opal Basil – SSE

Lime Basil – BC and PT


Lynx Bush Bean – PT

Bush Romano Green Bush Bean – PT

Pencil Pod Yellow Bush Bean – PT

Contender Bush Bean – BC

Greasy Grits – BC


Diva cucumber – PT

Horn of Plenty summer squash – PT

Costada Romanesco zucchini – BC

Spaghetti squash – PT

Lemon squash – BC

Early Golden Summer Crookneck squash – BC

White Sugar Lump watermelon – BC

White Bush Scallop – BC

Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin – BC