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when ross and i first started house hunting, we didn’t have a super clear picture of what we wanted.  but once we had toured a few houses, two things started to rise to the top of my wish list:  I wanted an old house, and I wanted a fixer-upper.  ross, on the other hand, was quite certain he didn’t want a fixer-upper. “we don’t have any experience with house projects, what makes you think we can buy a house where everything needs work?”  i couldn’t really argue with that.  well, let’s be honest, i did try to argue with that, but it didn’t get me anywhere.

as it turned out, our home was a perfect compromise: old and creaky, but move-in ready.

and in the 3 years that we’ve lived here, we’ve added quite a few things to our home improvement resumes.  but this is one of our most fun to date. we were finally going to get our tiled kitchen countertops replaced and a new, easier access pantry installed.  after a lot of research and price quotes, ross and i decided on bamboo countertops from a local cabinet company in blacksburg.

our timeline was this:  pack up kitchen and demo countertops on saturday.  remove sink on sunday.  last measurements of the space by the installer on monday. tuesday through friday, installation and sealing the wood.

prep work was pretty simple in theory:  clear everything out of the cabinets and off the counter, and remove the countertops.  thankfully, the process was more time consuming than difficult.

in the meantime, our entire kitchen was moved into our dining room.  classy, right?

ross was excited because he got go to home depot and buy a few extra demo goodies.  then began the tedious process of chiseling up every tile…

removing every screw (and there were a million of them)…

and pulling up the plywood base

over and over and over.

this trashcan was overflowing by the end of the day

this is where we ended on saturday night.  we knew we’d be without a sink for a while so we wanted to wait as long as possible before disconnecting it.

on sunday afternoon (happy easter!) we scammed our friend todd into helping us put the finishing touches on the demo.  boys love demo.

remove the last million screws and lift

so just like that, the demo was done.  a very satisfying feeling that we did it by ourselves and with no major catastrophes.

of course, living without a sink or countertops is ghetto for 3 reasons:

1.  you have to use a makeshift “countertop” aka random piece of plywood as a stand in for dinner prep.  swanky.

2.  the huge gaping hole where your sink used to be now highlights the really bad water damage caused by a past pipe leak – can you see how the particle board actually wrinkled?  (don’t worry, we replaced it)

3.  when you only have a pedestal sink (or the bathtub) as dish washing choices, you opt for the dishwasher. and you just keep a bucket handy for when the water drains in between cycles.

next post:  the reveal!