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it wasn’t really our plan to have multiple projects going on at one time, but hey, who am i to delay progress?

so let’s meet our bathroom.

this is the only full bath in the house.  and like most things in our house, it’s very small and cozy.  aside from the tub to the left of this picture, this is the whole room.  ross and i know we truly love each other because we’ve gotten ready for work here everyday for 3 years, squeeeezing in beside each other to bathe, groom, and primp for the day.

while there are many things to be discussed about our little loo, there’s one particular feature i’d like to focus on today:

yes, we have a ceiling fan in our bathroom.  as unattractive as it was, we didn’t switch it out because there wasn’t really any other venting source in the bathroom other than the window – and i really love hot showers (read:  the ceilings would start to drip with condensation.  not good.)  of course, neither is particularly appealing at 6am on a wintry january morning, so we did a little planning and a little shopping.

now there is no more unsightly ceiling fan, but instead something with a little class and a lot of old house character.

specifically, we made three significant changes.  four, if you count the new paint job.

we really love our new light.  we purchased it from here (on sale!), a site that offers reproduction vintage lighting, hardware, and accessories.

and ross scoped out this super quiet EnergyStar vent on sale on amazon.com

there are still a few items left to tackle a little later this summer, but we’re super happy for the little bit of progress being made in our only full bath.  and i don’t miss the dripping ceilings at all.