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so like i said, our timeline was saturday/sunday demo, monday measurements, tuesday install, wednesday-friday coat with sealer and let dry, weekend get our kitchen back.  but nothing in home improvement goes to plan.

on monday i took a half day off from work.  1) to let the installer in and make sure he had everything he needed, and 2) to take rosie to the vet.  at 8:30 the installer is supposed to be there – at 8:40 i call to find out where he is.  by 9 when i leave for the vet he’s still not there.  15 minutes later i get a call that says he’s on his way – he hadn’t known that i was taking time off to be there.  also find out that tuesday won’t be installation day, but wednesday.  ok, well the door’s unlocked so go on in – i just won’t be home.  by the time i get back, he’s come and gone.

tuesday.  waiting anxiously.

wednesday.  installation day!  ross is on strict orders to call me when he gets home for lunch and fill me in on the progress.  except that there is no progress. hmm.  i call the countertop people at 3 to ask what’s up:  apparently our countertop wasn’t dry from the first coat of sealer done pre-installation, so no new countertops today.  wonder why that message didn’t get passed on to us.

thursday.  actual installation day!  ross texts me at lunch to say they’re in and they look great.  but we’re on strict orders not to touch them because the sealer is still drying.  no sink or pantry yet.

friday.  more coats of sealer.  still no sink or pantry.  more waiting.

saturday and sunday:  final coats of sealer.  sink and pantry to be installed on monday!  yay, we get our sink back!

monday.  holes drilled for faucet.  sink installed. pantry installed.  operation reinstate kitchen is in full swing.  ross attempts to reconnect plumbing.  water leaks everywhere, so still no sink.

tuesday.  swallow pride.  call the plumber.  yay our sink is back!  total days without a kitchen sink: 10  but finally, kitchen = complete.  curl up into a ball and take a nap, it’s been a long ride.

so without further ado, here she is before:

and after:

my little plumber.  thankfully, we’ve been spared the plumber’s crack 🙂

so there you have it.  our journey from gross grouted tile countertops, a scratched up enamel sink, and a super narrow super deep pantry, to bamboo countertops, stainless steel undermount sink, and swanky sliding pantry.

stay tuned though.  a bonus reveal is coming up soon