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although i took a brief break for some house project reveals, what i really need to tend to (both electronically and physically) is the garden.

the good:

– was able to plant two types of spinach, four types of lettuce, strawberries, two types of potatoes, two types of carrots, and two types of onions a week or so ago.  already seeing a few sprouts. hooray

– had the Big Event kids back for another round of mulching/yardwork.  the garden pathways are now thick with mulch.  i did some weeding beforehand so hopefully this keeps the weeds to a minimum again this year.

– the seedlings i’m growing under lights are still struggling along, some looking better than others.  but i still have about 2-3 weeks until it’s safe to plant them outside, so here’s hoping that they’ll put a little more weight on before then.

the not so good:

– the soil in our boxes settles over the course of the season and needs to be topped off each year.  ideally, this will come free from the compost we’re generating.  but this year our compost just wasn’t ready and i needed a lot of soil.  so we sprung for one load of compost and one load of topsoil.  the compost looks fantastic.  the topsoil looks horrible.  to be honest, it looks like fill dirt – full of fist sized clumps of dirt that may as well be rocks and not very crumbly at all (looked almost clay like in some parts).  so now i’m nervous that i’m going to kill everything because they’re getting suffocated by the dirt. marvelous.  i’ll keep you posted