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we’re quickly coming up on our last frost date, which means that the garden really starts to come alive.  about a week and a half more.

of course, not everyone’s garden begins after the last frost.  my goal is to eventually plant more cool weather plants in the future – like greens, lettuces, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, etc.  this year i have spinach, lettuce, garlic, onions, and potatoes.  nothing harvestable yet, but they seem to be filling in nicely.


– even though small, i’m already harvesting the little flat of lettuce i planted early.  lettuces planted in the garden are filling in by the day

– last year’s strawberries are back and blooming.  i can even see tiny little strawberry buds already

– the garden is weeded and filled in with new mulch

– i didn’t add any new boxes this year, so no extra construction was needed. this saves a lot of time

– the crocuses and tulips planted along the fenceline bloomed this year

– set up the seed shelves with grow lights and heat boxes on thermostats

– carrots, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, onions, and garlic have all sprouted!

– introducing about six types of flowers to the garden/yard this year.  can’t wait for some pops of color in a usually very green space.


– my peppers and tomatoes aren’t doing so hot.  after setting up my new seed shelves i was pretty confident that this year’s seedlings would be the best yet.  and they’re not.   i’m still not exactly sure why, but i’ve started transplanting some of the better looking seedlings into larger pots filled with the compost we had leftover from filling the garden boxes – so maybe they’ll perk up.  tomatoes are my favorite veggie in the garden, so it’s very frustrating.

– accidentally planted my garlic into a bed thick with cover crop seeds – which means that now i’m having to go in by hand and weed out all the rye so that the garlic can breathe.  this is taking a long time.

– reallly need a coldframe (would LOVE a hoophouse, to be honest) to a) start some plants early and b) boost the heat on some peppers to see if I can force them to get bigger before transplanting them out in the garden.  i don’t think they’re really getting enough sun/heat during the day and therefore aren’t producing as much fruit as fast as they could be.

– not really a failure, more of a challenge for this year:  my trellises.  is the system i have the best?  i’m going to be changing my trellising system for squash/zucchini/cucumbers/watermelon/pumpkins so it’ll be another experimental year for these plants.