a few home beautification projects going on this week because

1) ross quit his job last friday and his new one doesn’t start until this thursday = ross’s honey-do list is like crazy long 🙂

2) we’re having a Memorial Day cookout at the house on sunday evening

nothing major going on, just some decluttering, flower planting, touch up painting, and perhaps repainting our garage (after first powerwashing the daylights out of it)  you’ll have to come back later to see what color we picked 🙂

very excited about aforementioned cookout – we’re bringing together some interesting circles of friends, trying some new recipes, and will have the largest ratio of babies to adults that the wilsie casa has ever experienced.  i’m a little frightened.

this weekend we had not one, but two photo shoots:  our youthlings at Prom and an engagement shoot for a wedding we’ll be doing soon.  we also made a quick trip to charlotte to visit the new ikea and make a cookout related purchase.  stay tuned…   (let’s take a vote:  lamest cliffhanger in all of blog history? um,  yes)

on the gardening front, almost everything is planted.  i’ll finish that today, take some pictures and finally post the pictures i promised almost a month ago.  lots going on, just not a lot of time to post.  whew