a tour of the garden and all that’s growing, as of yesterday…

the tomatoes are off to a pretty good start so far.  no flowers yet though

spinach.  last year i got maybe 3 leaves of spinach.  this year its nearly overtaking the garden.

four types of bush beans this year.  two are brand new, so i’m excited to see how they do.

squash and zucchini

my everbearing strawberries have been fruiting for several weeks now.  as long as we get to them before the bugs, they’re so good

several types of lettuce.  so far our hot weather hasn’t caused them to bolt, but we’ll see how much longer they’ll go.  its been super plentiful so far and almost the only salad we’ve eaten for a couple months now.

carrots.  first time growing them this year, but they’re doing well so far.  technically i need to thin them out some, but its so hard to pull up plants!

broccoli.  first time growing this.  for some reason i feel like more of a real gardener now that i’m growing this.

cilantro.  doing marvelously.  we add this to salads, and if it hangs around long enough, i’ll make pico de gallo and salsa with it once we get tomatoes.

didn’t grow this one from seed, but this is my first official tomato fruit!

fingerling and yukon gold potatoes





a mini lettuce harvest