1.  fireworks were amazing, but never ever ever ever ever ever again will we bring the dogs.  i think they thought they were under seige.

2.  i’ve harvested my first squash and zucchinis!

3.  we have something to do every single night this week.  on top of packing for the beach.

4.  i’m so ready for the beach.

5.  finally – we’ve created a “trellis” design for our squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons, etc.  and i think it may actually work!

6.  i have some great pictures from our backpacking trip that i need to share soon.

7.  today’s high is 94 degrees.  that is insanity.

8.   i’m really so ready for the beach.

Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, LA  6.17.10