to be honest, gardening did not go as expected this year.  let’s talk about why.

– first and foremost, i don’t know.  i really don’t know what went wrong.  it just did.  and kind of all at once.

– brutally hot days.  with raised beds you don’t have weeds, but you really don’t have water retention either, and there were several weeks in a row where the garden probably would have only flourished with a 3-a-day watering regimen.  i just didn’t have that kind of time.  or money.

– ants.  ants bored into the base of all my squash and zucchini plants and ate them from the inside out.  that’s a downer.

– neglect.  i just got buried in the busyness.  we traveled, we did youth group stuff with the kids, i got bogged down by insane deadlines and other work stuff and when i got home, gardening wasn’t at the top of my list.

below are pictures of what my graveyard, i mean, garden looks like right now.  its kind of like in the second Narnia book – the kids return to Narnia expecting it to have all the same grandeur as when they left, only to find everything in ruins and no one they know still around.  its very depressing.  and apparently melodramatic.

so i confess all this to say that by golly ross and i are going to get the whole thing cleaned up and attempt to plant a few fall veggies (probably just lettuce, garlic, and broccoli if i’m being honest).  and i can’t overlook the fact that i did get some great produce this summer.  its just never as much as the wild and outlandish dreams i set for myself in march and april.  someday.


yikes.  this is horrible.

what used to be tomatoes

long-dead squash and zucchini

gone to seed lettuce.


four bags of leaves + weeds and dead plants. (all leaves from our neighbor’s tree.  frustrating.)

still a graveyard, but much cleaner at least.

tidied up tomatoes.  that are miraculously still producing.

the silver lining to this cloudy garden:  a late season harvest!