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i’ve been quiet lately, but i’m here.  fall is always such a busy time for us.  football games, traveling for work and for pleasure, and this year, an october wedding in the fam has kept ross and i on our toes for the last several weeks/months.  i’ve never been especially good at keeping up with the blog, but i think i’ve just needed a little break from it.  i hope to come back though, because i find that writing up posts is sometimes the best way to help me remember what’s going on in our lives.  here are a few things we’ve been up to lately:

– put up the first batch of  pear cardamom butter for the season

– celebrated our niece’s 2-year birthday with cake, breakfast out, and a canoe ride

– attended our first hokie game of the season

– visited a mom-to-be  bff and her hubs in their new place

– celebrated our 4 year anniversary – (although we won’t actually go anywhere until the beginning of november.)

– double dated with the sis and bro-in-law

– attempted to pick up jogging again, semi-successfully

this weekend i will also attempt to decorate the house for fall, which sounds lame, but i love decorating and i haven’t really touched a thing in our living room and dining room (the decoratable spaces) since early summer.  that’s sad.  especially since fall is my favorite month.  that is, until spring arrives and gardening takes over.

but the leaves are starting to turn here and we have no travel plans for the next month or so.  so that means getting outside more, taking more pictures, and maybe even doing some baking.  if one can have a “fall resolution,” those are mine.