i can’t believe that thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!  and as fully as i will embrace christmas when the time comes, the time has. not. yet. come.  i refuse to get excited for christmas until the day after thanksgiving.  that means no christmas music, no christmas tree, no christmas movies, and no getting excited at christmas commercials.

admittedly, i broke down two years ago and did some decorating early.  but we were still able to hold off on the tree until a more christmas-appropriate time, so i’m giving myself a pass.

this year, the only christmas related things i’ve allowed myself so far are planning for our christmas cards and thinking about christmas lists (both as givers and giftees – the parentals love themselves some christmas lists).  i’m so excited for our christmas cards this year – finishing touches have yet to be done, but we’ve got the general framework and i can’t wait to order them!  surprisingly our christmas cards have become a tradition in the wilsie household and i only hope that they will remain one – i love the fun of planning out the cards and although it’s time consuming, hand writing a special note to everyone is incredibly important to me and ross.  so for the fourth year in a row the tradition lives on. (a review of all our christmas cards to date can be found here)

but back to thanksgiving.  the parents are hosting this year and so i get to be actively involved in menu planning since mom’s forte is tablesetting, decor, and presentation.  we’re definitely doing all the traditional fare: turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc.  but the little sister and i are hoping to throw in some more unique items as well.  can’t wait!