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so we finally got around to documenting this year’s christmas festivities.

we kept it simple this year, very similar to last year:  extra pine branches on the mantle with a few silver snowflakes and a smaller than usual tree, which is nice since we already have to rearrange the furniture to get a tree to fit at all.

i love this little door hanger my mom gifted me a few years ago

i went for bright and slightly chaotic on the dining room table this year

the server has somehow become the home of many nativity scenes:  one i’ve been collecting pieces on since high school, one we just received as a gift this year, and one from a christmas card last year hand drawn in africa

how cool is this? a nativity scene carved out from a slice of a tree

and the cherry on our christmas sundae:  a handmade advent calendar just like the one i grew up with at home

and that concludes our christmas tour.  merry one-week ’til christmas, everyone!!