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so Week 1 of the january grocery challenge is complete.  i figured it might be fun to recap each week of dinners we made to see just how creative we got.

i should probably also mention that all breakfasts and (nearly all) lunches are also made from just the ingredients we have in the house, but i’m not documenting each of those because they’re kind of boring.  think oatmeal, peanut butter toast, sandwiches, and dinner leftovers, and that probably covers 99% of those meals.

Day One

The meal:  Chicken, Cheesy Broccoli, and Rice Bake + Salad+ Tiramisu

Ingredients used:  One chicken breast, steamed broccoli, brown rice, can of cheese and broccoli soup, salad, grated cheese, ranch dressing

For tiramisu:  one random leftover package of lady fingers, instant espresso, package of cream cheese, powdered sugar, heavy whipping cream, cocoa

Day Two

The meal:  Elbow Macaroni with Meat Sauce + Salad + Toast

Ingredients used: whole wheat elbow macaroni, tomato basil pasta sauce, tomato paste, ground turkey, homemade garlic scape pesto from this summer, parmesan cheese, grocery store salad mix, sunflower seeds, ranch dressing, homemade bread

Day Three

We got a break from the grocery challenge because we had dinner over at a friends house to watch the Hokies play in the Orange Bowl.  But we did contribute one jar of my grandfather’s green beans and the rest of the tiramisu.  At least dinner was good, even if the game wasn’t :-/

Day Four

An unplanned break from the grocery challenge because we ended up mooching a dinner of PB&J’s and Doritos from our youth group kids.  Not bad, right?

Day Five

Back to home-cooked meals!

The meal:  Turkey Chili + Salad

Ingredients used (aka the dinner from a can):  can of black beans, can of kidney beans, two cans of diced tomatoes, the rest of a jar of tomato sauce, a can of tomato paste, a few large spoonfuls of homemade garlic scape pesto, diced carrots, onion, and garlic, the rest of the ground turkey from Day One’s meal, a bunch of seasonings, 1/2 cup of red lentils, a few slices of cheese and a dollop of sour cream for garnish

Day Six

The meal:  Cheesy Pasta Bake + Salad + Tapioca Pudding

Ingredients used:  almost a whole box of rigatoni pasta, half a jar of homemade tomato sauce, several generous scoops of homemade pesto, can of tomato paste, several handfuls of grated cheese, grocery store salad mix, ranch dressing, a sprinkle of grated cheese

For tapioca:  milk, one vanilla bean, tapioca pearls, two eggs, sugar

Day Seven

The meal:  Leftovers! + Salad

We finished off the rest of the pasta bake (having finished off the rest of the chili after several lunches – yum), mixed up a bowl of salad to split, and topped it off with some leftover tapioca for dessert

Weekly Grocery Purchases

I guess I should also mention how we use our $10 grocery allowance each week?  So for Week 1, we purchased:

– a quart of milk

– 5 bananas

– container of salad

– 4-pack of butter


::why we’re doing the grocery challenge: here::