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i love 3 day weekends.  we usually end up getting so much done because we have more time to combine work with rest.  this is one such weekend.

last weekend began “let’s actually acknowledge we’re about to have a child and do something to prepare for it.” we sort of made a step in this direction back at the beginning of december when we decluttered the whole upstairs and cleared out lots of storage space in the future nursery (see pic below.) but now we mean business.

so far, we’ve tackled:

– breaking down our current guest bed frame and mattress and movin it on out (the little sis is thankfully babysitting it for a few years in their own guest room)

– dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and general clearing out of the cobwebs (and dustbunnies)

– taking down all artwork and spackling/sanding/painting the holes

– unpackaging the million 20 cloth diapers we purchased and storing them until it’s time to go on a laundry spree with all baby-related clothing items

– finally fixing that pesky 70-year old bedroom door that didn’t actually latch, but instead wedged itself up against the top of the doorframe (um, NOT conducive for a sleeping baby).  that got sanded within an inch of its life and repainted good as new

– and as of last night:  the introduction of a crib to the room! whoa.  talk about making it real.  the crib came in this week and was a most excellent gift from the tomko parentals.

so the room is more or less a blank slate for all the future baby-ness to come.

still to do:

lots. too much to mention.  but it’s all coming together and i’m hoping that if nothing else, baby wilsie will have a place to lay his or her head come april and maybe a onesie or two to drool all over.