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Week 2 of our grocery challenge is now complete.  here’s how we creatively used (and even reused) what we had.

Day One

the meal: a thanksgiving inspired meal.  venison, mashed potatoes, and leftover cranberry sauce + salad + honey pudding bread

ingredients used:  cousin bry’s venison tenderloin (marinated and seared on both sides on top of the stove, then finished off in the oven for perfect tenderness), handful of yukon gold potatoes, sour cream, butter, cranberry sauce from thanksgiving (yes it was still good!), store-bought lettuce

for the (crumbly, hmm) bread:  all the baking ingredients you’d normally see in a zucchini bread type of recipe, but with 3/4 c vanilla pudding for upping the moist factor

Day Two

the meal: biscuit wrapped apples, corn, salad

ingredients used: u-pick apples from cville, homemade biscuit recipe, papa’s corn, salad

Day Three

[oops, we forgot to take a picture!]

the meal:  burgers with cheese, lettuce + corn + salad

ingredients used:  local ground beef, leftover hamburger buns thawed from the freezer, lettuce from salad mix, sharp cheddar, papa’s frozen corn, store bought salad, ketchup, mayo

Day Four

the meal:  lasagna

ingredients used:  ross’s mom brought us lasagna a while ago and what we couldn’t eat in one or two meals, we froze.  so this week we thawed out the rest and ate it over a few days

Day Five

the meal:  leftover lasagna, broccoli, homemade biscuits, green bean-pasta mix

ingredients used:  MIL’s leftover lasagna, frozen broccoli, homemade biscuits leftover from Day Two, half a can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 cup of mixed grains from Trader Joes, half a jar of papa’s green beans.

Day Six

the meal:  leftover green bean-pasta mix and grilled cheese with a fried egg + salad

ingredients used:  other half of canned cream of mushroom soup, remainder of jar of green beans, TJ’s mixed grains pasta, homemade Honey Oat bread, slices of cheddar cheese, one egg from the egg lady, store bought salad

Day Seven

ross and i treated ourselves to a date night dinner at Outback.  we had giftcards.  so it was free.  can’t beat that.

Weekly Grocery Purchases

quart of milk (we’ve been buying Homestead Creamery milk, and when you return the empty glass bottle, you receive $2 back.  the milk costs $2, soooo…free milk)

– sharp cheddar cheese

– two boxes frozen chopped broccoli

– 5 bananas

– container of salad


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