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although the pantry and fridge are getting more and more bare, i think we ate really well this week.  here’s a quick recap of week 3 of the grocery challenge.

Day One

the meal: homemade pizza + salad

ingredients used:  trader joe’s whole wheat pizza dough, dried thyme, onion, garlic, artichoke hearts, cheddar and parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, homemade garlic scape pesto, salad, walnuts

Day Two

the meal:  breakfast for dinner

ingredients used:  pancake mix, local eggs, frozen blueberries, milk, chopped milk chocolate bar, cinnamon and cardamom

Day Three

Ross and I used one of his gift cards from Christmas and ordered a most excellent pizza from Papa John’s.

Day Four

the meal:  grilled cheeses + salad + pasta blend

ingredients used:  homemade bread, cheddar cheese, local egg, salad, trader joe’s harvest grain mix

Day Five

the meal:  beans and rice with an egg on top

this was the one meal that ross pitched a fit about – until he tasted it.  although i have to admit i wasn’t super optimistic about it at first either.  basically the meal was glorified beans and rice – i got tired of the 1/3 remaining boxes of white and brown rice in the pantry and just decided to cook them all up in hopes that i would incorporate them into meals.  the pesto, chicken, and some well-placed spices, not to mention the egg on top (mine over easy, and ross’s fried) made this a really tasty meal.  a happy surprise.

ingredients used:  white and brown rice, black beans (and i ended up not using the kidney beans), homemade garlic scape pesto, local eggs, parmesan cheese, and packaged diced chicken breast

Day Six

the menu:  beef pot roast over elbow macaroni

ingredients used:  our first crock pot meal in a very long time.  maybe even the first this winter.  a huge piece of local beef pot roast, topped with veggies, tomatoes, tomato paste and cooked on low all day.  then put over artichoke elbow macaroni.  delish.

Day Seven

Ross and I spent the night at his parents’ and ate a wonderful meal prepared by his mom and sister.  My parents were in town as well, preparing for the baby wilsie throwdown planned for the next day.  more on that little shindig later.

Weekly Grocery Purchases


– container of salad

– cheese

– 2 containers of blueberry yogurt  (buy 1 get 1)

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