happy valentine’s day everyone!

ross and i have never been super diligent about going all out on valentine’s day.  i actually can’t recall if we’ve ever even given each other valentine’s day gifts.  for us, birthdays and anniversaries outrank v-day every year,  and i’m totally fine with that.  this year, we “celebrated” a few days early – going out to dinner at a favorite restaurant in roanoke with a gift card my parents gave us at christmas.  so technically we celebrated for free – can’t really beat that.

i also had a monstrous bake-a-palooza on saturday (in between helping ross with a wood-working project – how’s that for variety?), making lots of valentine’s day treats for church (and eating a bunch ourselves as well).  i think i have pictures of those that i’ll add soon.  on the menu were:

red velvet cake balls

chocolate valentine’s day cookies and

red velvet sandwich cookies.  and everything turned out really well!

i know it doesn’t seem like there’s been a whole lot to see on the blog lately, but trust me, it’s coming.  this week will be huge for getting several projects done around the house, a LOT of work done on the nursery, and lots of other things that have been piling up on my blog to-do list.  the plan is to work like a maniac from now until wednesday.  then i’ve taken off thursday and friday because my parents are coming into town to help with all the aforementioned house projects.  there will be painting, plumbing, drilling, electrical, organizing, decorating, shopping, and of course, some good eating.  i can’t wait.