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i probably should have started my little nursery series with this post, but what’s a good novel without a well-timed flashback scene?

back in september – the weekend we shared our baby news with my parents – i put together a little design moodboard a la candice olson to show my mom some of the inspiration i was thinking about for the future nursery.

i included a swatch of this fabric as a potential candidate for a chair i was hoping to reupholster for the room:

a small piece of beadboard (the white wooden chair railing stuff) like in the existing guest bedroom:

and the following inspiration pictures showing some of the elements i wanted to bring in:

1.  the wall color and beadboard in this picture are almost identical to what we already had in the room, and i was hoping to keep this the same.  what i loved were the bright pops of orange, which would work for a boy or a girl.

2.  again i loved the green wall color, but also the casualness of the room – it doesn’t scream “i’m a nursery!” which is exactly what i wanted to go for.  and it also used storage space wisely through drawers in the changing table and a long shelf mounted on the wall.

3.  again i loved the playful but non-nursery feel of this room, – the pops of orange, the element of interest the upholstered chair brought, and the creative window treatments

4.  with bright green walls and pops of orange, i wanted to keep many of the other elements in the room neutral tones like cream, chocolate, and khaki

5.  i liked the idea of bringing a little greenery into the room through a few potted plants

6.  my inspiration for curtains in the room:  made by hemming and hanging a canvas painter’s drop cloth from lowe’s

7.  i loved the woodsy feel of the twig shelf brackets and was definitely planning on bringing in some rustic elements here and there to tone down the super brightness of the room’s color scheme

so those were some of the pieces of inspiration swimming around in my head as we began the conversion process from guest bedroom to our little one’s first room outta the womb.