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so as i’ve probably mentioned a thousand times:  we have a small house.  a wonderful house that i very much love, but still small.  so it goes without saying that if one room undergoes a significant change (aka turning from a guest bedroom into a nursery) it has a domino effect on at least one other room in the house.  this became the case when our downstairs study needed to also become a part-time guest bedroom.

but first, let’s take a short jaunt down memory lane.

here’s what the room looked like the day we bought the house:  wallpaper from floor to ceiling, a border, and a gothic looking light fixture.

it was over a year that we lived with the room as is.  and then we finally tackled it

until it looked like this

and more or less, this is how the room has looked since then.

it was neat. it was functional.  it maximized storage space through the ceiling-height bookshelves we installed.

but it wouldn’t accommodate a bed.  and the desk on the left was about to be stolen to be converted into a changing table for the nursery.

so we put our heads together and came up with a plan.  a way to create a space that would function as a study 90% of the time, but still be a comfortable place for guests to stay when we had them.

i won’t reveal the finished product quite yet, because i want to document the process a little bit more, but the above picture shows the new star of our study/guest bedroom.