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it was never a question that our upstairs guest bedroom would become the nursery.  what we weren’t sure of, however, was just how everything that the baby needed was going to fit into the 123 square foot space.  and this dilemma is not a unique one when furnishing just about any room in the entire house – especially when your whole second floor is smaller than some people’s master suites (~400sf)

but in the spirit of less is more, we wanted to keep big furniture pieces to a minimum and arrange things so that it still felt cozy but not cluttered.  initially, ross sketched out the room on graph paper and we made little paper pieces representing all the elements of the room:  the crib, the changing table, a dresser, an upholstered chair, and a small side table.  and eventually this is what we came up with:

– the door on the bottom right is the door to the room, with the other door leading to ross’s closet (until baby has much bigger clothes/stuff, we felt like the storage in the room would be enough without having to kick ross out of using this closet)

– the crib was placed along the left wall since just barely cracking the bedroom door could give me an instant line of sight for peeking in on the baby.

– the changing table was placed directly opposite the crib.  first, to balance out the room, but also because it was the only wall left that could fit it.

– the chair and the little side table fit perfectly on the wall immediately to the left

– which left the dresser.  the dresser got put on the right side of the room, then to the left, then to the same wall as to the crib, before finally being caddy-cornered.  it was the only place where it didn’t look stuffed into a space or where the drawers wouldn’t hit another piece of furniture when being opened.

so once the big pieces were in place, it was only a matter of fitting in a few pieces of extra storage (some woven baskets to hold books, extra blankets, and toys, and a storage ottoman to both prop my feet up and hold extra odds and ends), and putting away the baby loot we had already accumulated.  (i’ll do a separate post on all the little details and finishing touches later).  the good news is that between the dresser, the desk/changing table, the storage drawer underneath the crib, and the handful of storage baskets, we still have more than enough room to take on more baby clothes, toys, and other “stuff.”  not bad for a 123 square foot space!