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having a baby can be expensive.  and we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg on that because we haven’t even birthed the child yet.  so in an attempt at minimizing the budget and working with what we had first, i had the bright idea of “converting” the desk in our study into a changing table.

the quick backstory on the desk is that it’s currently ross’s, but had been mine during middle school and high school and i was kinda attached to it.  since we were giving our current guest room the boot, the study then had to be able to function as both study and guest room when needed, so that meant streamlining the number of desks and other office-ishness of the room.

the only problem with the desk was it was painted a dark blue – totally not part of the color scheme we were going for.  enter ross and his everlasting patience.  we spent an hour in lowe’s picking out the perfect paint to lighten up the desk, make it cohesive with the other elements of the nursery, but keeping it neutral enough (aka, not painting it bright orange) that it could easily be used as a desk again, either by us or when the little one was old enough to inherit it.

after a tedious sanding, a coat of primer and two coats of Olympic’s “Ashen,” a cool khaki with just the tiniest hint of gray, the desk looked even better than it had before.

after a day or two to let her fully dry, here she is in her new home.  i’ll talk about how we’re maximizing this space to its fullest potential in a later post.