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i mentioned that we recently had a long visit from my parents.  back in mid-february i blocked off a super long weekend, thursday-sunday, in order for my parents to come visit and accomplish a boatload of things around the house.  primarily projects in the nursery and the study, but to keep my dad sufficiently occupied (ross couldn’t take off work, boo) while mom and i did things like midwife’s appointments, decor shopping, and other extraneous things, i created him a fun little to-do list.

and of course, his enthusiastic response: “Thanks for all the descriptive visuals.  Mom and I decided to come visit anyway!  Ha!

surprisingly, he got most of this list accomplished and probably could have gotten all of it had i not forgotten about these little beauties that needed priming and painting.

but projects really started to come together during this weekend.  i’ll be sharing the “as-of-now” finished products of both the nursery and study very soon.  thanks again, mom and dad!