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the day had finally arrived to cross our fingers, toes, and eyes, and hope that all the many measurements were right and that the desk as we envisioned it would actually come together.

– we had purchased the ikea butcher block and managed to stuff it into the car to get it home

– ross had cut two identical halves and stained/polyed them

– ross and danny had made our shelving sketch into reality

– dad had primed and painted every nook and cranny of the shelves

– ross and i picked out drawer hardware, a decorative table leg to act as a support, and some metal brackets to join the two pieces together

now we just had to put it all together.

first, the room had to be almost completely cleared

and then it got a nice thorough scrubbing

just to keep it real:  the house pretty much looked like this the entire weekend, but we all dealt with it, knowing it would all come together in the end

finally, the shelving gets to move into its forever home.

enter the first two roadblocks:  addressing the floor vent on the right that got halfway obstructed by the shelf…

and then shimming up the unlevelness of the shelf created by our ever so quaint, yet ever so crooked house.  it was off by half an inch, yikes!

but finally, it was time to bring in the desk top

it fits!!

then dad and ross started strategizing about how to join the two slabs together and mount the leg support in the center

which turned into a lengthy process of drilling, screwing, brackets, sawdust, and a few broken screws

but finally!  she’s in and set up.

enter 3rd roadblock of the day:  there’s only one plug in the room.  thankfully, both of our surge protectors had cords long enough to plug into the wall and then be strategically placed in front of each of our workstations (ross is on the left and i’m on the right).  it was overwhelming the amount of cords we have!

and a few days later after we got some artwork up on the walls:

we’re so proud of this project – it was by no means an easy one, but after lots and lots of planning and lots and lots of help, we gotter done.  as you can see, it gives us plenty of “office” space while leaving a lot of the room open for our posh air mattress to be brought in and convert the whole room into a guest bedroom at a moment’s notice.  the next time we have guests over, i’ll try to document how everything gets set up and the few little hidden tweaks i’ve made to create a nice bedroomy feel.  at the mother’s insistence, we’re also considering a nice area rug to go into this space too, but that will come later.

thanks for following the evolution of our latest house project.  next up, the domino effect that started in our one full bathroom.  and then:  the nursery reveal!!


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