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why hello there!

even though our little bathroom upgrade was scheduled to be next on the list to discuss, i’ve been hearing some grumblings about the lack of a proper nursery reveal.  but there are just enough significant finishing touches left that i can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on that post quite yet.  but i hope to very soon!

so onto the loo:

this little makeover happened to our vanity, but i’ll back up for a quick sec to reveal the change that happened during the parents’ weekend o’rama.  remember this item from my dad’s to-do list?

well, bada bing:

bada boom.  much better, right?

continuing on…

this is really the issue at hand

phase I, if you recall,  of the bathroom makeover took place last spring and included a new paint job, installing an exhaust vent, replacing the ceiling fan for a vintagey light, and putting up some really cool retro tin ceiling tiles.

we had hoped to finish the rest of the project “a little later that summer” but we all know how that goes.

it’s hard to tell from the picture, but our sink looked like it belonged in a cheesy beach house somewhere:  the sink was scalloped like a shell and the built in soap dish (which is hidden under a more attractive soap dish) had its own special shell/scalloped design as well.  not attractive.   not our style.

enter the new sink.  a modern rectangular shape, classic white, undermount sink we scored off of overstock for a great price.

the plan was to take a leftover piece of the countertop from our desk project and use it for the bathroom sink vanity.  here’s ross cutting out the template for the sink.

and then it was out to the “workshop” to try out our first project not involving a borrowed power tool:  cutting out the sink hole with our brand new jig saw

finally it was done, and we were on to the job of staining/polying the wood and then mounting the sink underneath

yay, it fits!

now for the installation.

first, the old sink and counter had to come out.  we made the executive decision to keep the existing faucet because it matched all the other hardware in the room.

the caulk around the sink had been pretty disgusting for a very long time, but  knowing that we would eventually change out the sink, it seemed pointless to recaulk.

so when we finally got to remove this bad boy, i was very very happy.

with a quick tug, off comes the sink

yum, this looks delish

we had also decided not to reinstall a backsplash, so this area got mudded, sanded, and repainted to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the wall

it appears that i don’t have pictures of it, but sink installation went very well.

refitting the plumbing went “seemingly” well, and then sprung a leak and then caused ross to pitch a 5-alarm temper tantrum and then take everything apart and redo the whole thing, and finally…be functioning and leak free.

ross used his most excellent caulking skills to caulk around the sink once it was in place

and then the caulk got painted to blend into the wall as well.  it may be hard to see in this picture, but the back left corner of the vanity doesn’t sit flush with the wall, because, as example 2,984,829, our house is crooked!  so the extra wide band of caulk stood out, which was the biggest reason for painting it.

so one more time, the WAY before…

the middle before…

and the after!

we’re really happy we were able to slip this last project in before baby.  it’s been on the to-do list for a very long time, so aside from hanging a picture on the bare walls, changing out the blinds for something that picks up on the wood tones in the countertop, and on the long-term replacing the toilet, this room is finito.