fact:  we’re having a garden this year.

fact:  it will be much smaller than last year’s, but it will exist.

fact:  i haven’t done the first thing to start it yet.

but i will very, very soon.  say, this weekend if all goes well.

the plan for the garden this year is pretty straightforward:

– i didn’t buy any new seeds.  all the seeds to be planted are from my already existing stash.  this is probably a good idea no matter how big of a garden i wanted, because i have a ton of leftover seeds and they don’t stay good forever.

– i’ve decided to buy pepper seedlings and not start them from seed this year.  they never get as big as they need to when i’ve started them myself, so i’m just going to make it easy on myself and buy seedlings at the farmer’s market or southern states

– i’m keeping the number of plants to a minimum.  i.e. last year i grew 12 different types of tomatoes – not 12 different plants – TYPES. and then around 2-3 plants of each type, sometimes more.  that’s a LOT.  scaling back big time this year to 4 types of tomatoes:  moneymaker, black cherry, carbon, and german red strawberry.  other plants include: green beans, squash, zucchini, basil, cilantro, lettuce, and spinach.  and only using half of my raised bed space to do it.

– tomatoes are the only thing i’m starting from seed this year.  everything else just gets direct-seeded once the weather is warmer.

so those are my major changes as i attempt to garden while coping with being a first time mom.  but maybe it’ll be the perfect outlet for me:  a relaxing way to be outside, have an excuse to not need to be in real clothes, and introduce the babe to dirt.