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so now that jonah is over 4 months into life, i thought i’d do a quick follow up nursery post to highlight a few little changes that have taken place over time.

and this little corner holds most of them

change #1.  we received these leather bookend animals (they’re heavy!) as a baby gift from family friends and we loove them.

and here’s the hippos right hand man – giraffe.

change #2.  when i saw this poster, i just knew it had to go in jonah’s room.  the backstory on this is that it was used as a promo flyer for a church doing a series on the book of jonah.  so i blew it up, had it printed, and framed it.

a mucho talented friend from college knitted this for jonah and i’m absolutely busting waiting for it to get cold enough for him to wear it.

we also swapped out the picture over the crib (its new home is opposite the jonah poster) with this poster ross has had for a million years.

it looked fun and boyish and i actually thought the big tall glass of milk and the title “In the Night Kitchen” was a fun way to think of what I am to jonah at 4am when he gets up to eat 🙂

and finally, the jonah wordle.  i put this together before jonah was born, but since we didn’t know if baby wilsie would be a he or a she, i couldn’t print it until he made his appearance.  more or less, i just took the text from the book of Jonah, chose our nursery colors, and generated this print.

oh yeah, did you notice the little guy in the picture the first time?

hi little baby.  in the mornings he loves hanging out on his hokie fleece (thanks aunt kristen!) or in his crib.  just chillin out, talking to himself, and throwing out smiles like candy.

so that’s about it for the nursery as of now.  surprisingly we did a pretty good job at anticipating what we would need and where we would need it to be stored.  the desk turned changing table has worked out even better than i could have hoped, the chair and ottoman have gotten lots of use, and the storage drawer under the crib has been the perfect place for blankets and sheets.  and although he could really care less about style and design, i think jonah loves his space as well.