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ross and i aren’t camp-every-weekend kinda people, but we definitely end up hitting the trail several times a year.  last year we only went once (due to pregnancy) and this year we’ve been ZERO times (due to baby).  sadness.

we’re starting to realize that camping as we know it may have to change for the next few years:  backpacking in to a campsite and hiking double digit mileage just isn’t going to be feasible with a baby.  or even a toddler.  either are our multiple canoe trips we’ve gotten used to doing over the last few years.  in fact, the closest we’ve gotten to nature this summer was a hike up to the cascades, a walk around pandapas pond, and a few stroller rides down the huckleberry trail. unacceptable.

but thankfully, our area has so many outdoor options that we just needed to brainstorm some new family friendly options to get out and enjoy the new cooler weather we’ve been having lately.

so how about a bike trip?  but we hit a roadblock there too – where do we put the little guy?  as advanced as he is with fine motor skills, he hasn’t quite ditched his training wheels.  i kid – he hasn’t even mastered sitting up!   so i started to hunt for bike trailers – little  enclosed “pods” that have bike wheels and hitch to the back of a bike to be pulled along.  a quick amazon search revealed that these can easily go for over $200 – not in the budget.  a quick craigslist search revealed that, just as with most things i’m hunting down on craigslist, our area didn’t have anything, but i found several on the richmond craigslist.  not knowing when we’d be out to my parents’ next, and not wanting the hassle of hauling it 3.5 hours back home, we kept looking in our area.  and then ross had the bright idea to call Once Upon a Child – bingo.  they had just gotten one in that morning and had priced it at $80 – much better.  so i ran out there over my lunch break to snag it up and we were in business.  she’s not the sleekest sister at the ball, but she was brand new and in good condition.  meet big red:

the front wheel comes off and a bar pulls out from the bottom to hitch to our bikes.  and with the weather looking great for this weekend, we’ll head out to the new river trail for a twenty-something mile family jaunt.

yes, this is the mini-van version of biking, but it’s something outdoorsy we can do as a family for many years, so we’re stoked.  and since jonah loves to be outside, i think he’s going to get a huge kick out of this.  i’ll be sure to snap some pics of our adventure.