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big red’s inaugural trip.

on probably one of the prettiest days i can remember so far this year, we loaded up the car and drove a few miles south to the draper area of pulaski.  the new river trail follows an old railroad line, and just two miles south of the draper connection, the trail parallels the new river.

this stretch was mostly shaded, yet broke free of the trees in several places, some of them yielding some pretty killer views of the river.

there were also lots of bridges, this one being one of the most beautiful and elaborate.

as you can tell, jonah had some “help” fitting into the trailer:  he was sitting on a folded towel, given head support by his snuzzler, barricaded in by more towels and blankets on either side of him, and finally strapped in with the trailers built in straps.  whew.

we hadn’t anticipated that the trail would be a dirt path  (a section we’ve ridden before at the other end of the trail was paved), so he got jostled around a lot more than i would’ve liked.

we also didn’t anticipate just how out of shape ross was (haha! love you!) – pulling the weight of the bike trailer + jonah + our lunch across a grassy path wore ross out a little sooner than we thought.  but no worries – we stopped at a shady pavilion, ate some lunch, lounged around, and then headed back.

so, the first family bike trip went well, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.