i go to my own blog every day.

i don’t visit to read my own posts, or, quite obviously, to write posts, but to access my daily allotment of blog reading (all those links on the side?  i pretty much read most of those on a daily/weekly basis).  but i just couldn’t look at a year+ old post heading anymore.  so with no plan whatsoever, i’m blogging again.  i had intended to do something new and exciting, something a lot more garden focused.  but i just realized that i can’t limit myself to one thing.  as soon as i said “hey, this is a garden blog now!” i’d want to write about cooking.  or my kid.  or something we’re trying to overhaul at the house.  and then i’d get worked up because i’d backed myself into a corner and put all this pressure on myself to write about only one thing.

so i just decided to not do that.  i’ve missed blogging not because i ever had any blog traffic, but because it was actually a pretty easy way of documenting my life.  something i haven’t been doing so well at lately.  i used to be such a devoted journal-er, but that has slipped into the “just don’t have time for that” category.

so now i’m just going to write when i can and not limit myself to posts about any particular topic, posts that have a million edited pictures, or even regular posts.  and we’ll just see how it goes.