ross and i have a secret camping spot that we like to visit for short, one-nighter type trips.  i don’t actually think it’s secret at all, but it’s secluded, and feels like we’re out backpacking while really being just a few hundred feet from the car. (the pics below are circa 2007, when rose was just a mere pup.)

sadly, we’ve only been camping once since jonah was born.  we snuck away for a short trip last year for our anniversary up in shenandoah national park, bookended with an avett brothers concert and horseback riding at a friend’s parents’ house.

and then this summer goes and decides to be the wettest in the history of time, and there just haven’t been too many dry weekends where we didn’t already have something going on.  so we’re trying to make a go of it tonight – although the weather again doesn’t look like it will cooperate.  which means that we may get as far as piling a bunch of camping stuff by the door only to sit and watch through the window as it pours down rain.

but whenever the weather finally cooperates enough for us to go, i think we’ve gotten jonah sufficiently stoked for the event.  when talking about what camping is (me: “…going to the forest and sleeping outside – would you like to do that?”  jonah:  “oooh, yes!”) i mentioned that he’d get to sleep in a sleeping bag (really just a warm sleep sack) and he promptly ran and pulled his out and carried it around with him this morning.  that’s m’boy.